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CHAOS has a membership level for any kind of beer enthusiast. Whether you are just getting your feet wet in brewing, are a seasoned brewer that needs a dedicated space, or you just want to enjoy the home brew scene by partaking in our seasonal member-appreciation events, we have something for you!

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  45-DAY Trial Friend Apprentice Brewer
Seasonal events
Education events
Brew at community space
with brewer level member
Local discounts  
Use of fermentation room    
limit of 1 fermenter

24/7 Access to brew      
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billed once
billed quarterly
billed monthly
billed monthly
    $99 yearly (save $9) $275 yearly (save $25) $429 yearly (save $39)

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  • Trial (one-time payment of $35): If you're just looking to check things out, the Trial Membership is for you. The Trial Membership is good for 45 days and allows you access to the club for brewing, seasonal membership appreciation events, and exclusive classes and workshops right up until the 45th day.
  • Friend ($27 billed automatically every 3 months): If you're looking for a great beer club, to socialize with fellow beer aficionados, some classes or workshops, as well as to score some discounts on beer around town with our membership card, Friend is your membership tier.
  • Apprentice ($25 billed automatically every month): If you are looking to start brewing or are a casual brewer and want occasional access to brew space and brewing equipment (in addition to everything offered in the "Friend" above), Apprentice level is for you.
  • Brewer ($39 billed automatically every month): Do you already brew or want to start brewing but don't have the space in your condo/apartment for a ton of beer equipment? Brewer level is for you. Get everything listed above for "Apprentice" plus 24/7 access to the brew house and unlimited fermenters in the fermentation room.

Brewer-level members also have the opportunity to earn "Alchemist" status by going above and beyond for the club. "Alchemist" status means free storage space at the brew house for your grain/equipment and you get to bring a guest to seasonal events for free. For more info, go here.

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