Reserving Brew Time

Please be advised that the brew house will not be open to brewing on the monthly meeting days (typically the first Sunday of the month) or when major events are scheduled! Access for less time- and space-demanding activities such as racking or bottling earlier on those days may still be permitted.

If you are a Trial, an Apprentice, or an Introductory Brewer Level Member and would like to brew at the brew house:

  1. Download, sign, and date the CHAOS Release.pdf. Send a photo of the signed and dated Release form to so that it is "on file"; bring the hard copy to your first brew session. You MUST have a release on file BEFORE you brew.
  2. On the menu bar above, go to Brewhouse > Calendar to see if an Alchemist or Brewer is already brewing on the date you'd like to brew. If so, click on My account > Add New > Brew Reservation. Pick the time that coincides with the Alchemist or Brewer already brewing but select a different "Brew Bay." Then shoot the Alchemist or Brewer a private message on the site (My Account > My Messages) to ask if they’d be willing to supervise.
  3. If the date you'd like to brew does not yet have anyone brewing, make a reservation for brew time as described in #2 above. But, create a post in the "Brewhouse Schedule" forum (Forums > Brewhouse Schedule (2nd discussion on the list) > +New Topic). Ask if any Alchemist or Brewer can host you.
  4. Although you must be a Brewer-level member to actually get 24/7 access, your three supervised brews can be at any level. So, download the Application For Brewer 24-7 Access.pdf and get signed off for any supervised brews.

If you are a Full Brewer Level Member or Alchemist and would like to brew at the brew house:

  1. The door code can be found under Brewhouse > Door Code.
  2. Go to My account > Add New > Brew Reservation. Select your date and time.

Everyone, please remember:

  • The brew house has everything you need to brew: you just need ingredients, a fermentor, blow-off tube and blow-off container (or an airlock)! Each "Brew Bay" has its own set of small equipment, pot, and mash tun. Please thoroughly clean all equipment and return in to its rightful place when you finish. If you are the last person at the brew house, please mop the floor and dump out all remaining sanitizer;
  • Make sure to shut off the gas at the wall valve;
  • Make sure your fermentor has proper blow-off tubing/container;
  • Please make sure the brewhouse is locked;
  • Remember this is a shared space! Pease leave it cleaner than when you got there. Failure to be responsible and respectful with the shared community brew space may result in a temporary (or permanent) loss of access.