CHAOS Alchemists

What Are Alchemists?

CHAOS, as a community organization, is built upon the efforts of all of its members.  As a way of saying "Thank you!" to those who have gone above any beyond for the club, CHAOS offers a special "Alchemist" status.  Alchemists, for example, have built our brewhouse, grain mill, fermentation room, website, and brew bays, have helped to run our quarterly events, and have been involved in nearly everything you see

To give back to our most involved members, CHAOS provides each Alchemist with: 

  • One free storage spot in the brewhouse for grain, equipment, or whatever you would like.
  • One free guest to each of our quarterly events (guest must be at least a website member)

How can I become an Alchemist?

In January of each year, those seeking Alchemist status present their qualifications/accomplishments for Alchemist status to the board for approval. Approval of Alchemist status by the board will occur during the February meeting.

In order to obtain "Alchemist" status you must:

  • Be a Friend, Apprentice, or Brewer level member for at least one year;
  • Brew for brewhouse keezer or parties at least twice per year;
  • Host a Class, Workshop, Hoppy Hour, Open House (or other equivalent event of your design) at least twice per year;
  • Help with at least 2 out of the 4 seasonal events per year;
  • Help build and maintain the brewhouse;

Note: Any of these requirements may be waived by the board in recognition of some other service to the club.

In order to retain "Alchemist" status all of the requirements must be fulfilled annually. Please only list your contributions for the last 12 months.

Where can I find the Application?

Alchemist applications will be opened in December of each year.  The application will be available on the website here.  Most members will not be able to fulfill all the requirements. If, however, you have gone above any beyond in a couple categories you may still be a qualified candidate.  

Who are the current alchemists?

The current members who have achieved alchemist status are as follows:

Additionally, the following people have submitted applications for Alchemist status this year!

To view the details for all alchemists and current applications click here