Name Recipe Style Description
Dan's Polish Lager All Grain Polish Lager A lager derived from my national heritage, this lager utilizes hops imported from Czechia and Poland. I wanted to create this recipe to give a shot at creating something that taste's like home to my father.
August 2018 Tuesday Brewsday - Amber Ale All Grain American Amber Ale Malty, hoppy American amber ale.
English Dark Mild All Grain Dark Mild A dark, low-gravity, malt-focused British session ale readily suited to drinking in quantity.
NEIPA (New England IPA) All Grain India Pale Ale (IPA) Citrusy, juicy, hazy IPA that all the kids are brewing these days. All the great hop flavors without the heavy bitterness.
November 2015 Tuesday Brewsday Wheatwine All Grain American Wheatwine Big ass wheatwine served at S&CN IV.
CHAOS Barelworks - Barley Ryne in Port Bourbon Barrel All Grain English Barleywine This is a traditional English Barley Wine with a good dose of Rye Malt to give it a bit more bite...hence Barley Ryne. The recipe is for a 5 Gallon batch.
CHAOS Black IPA recipe All Grain Black IPA Black IPA/Cascadian Ale.
CHAOS Northern English Brown Ale All Grain 11 C. Northern English Brown Ale Joe Falck's No Castle Brown Ale.
CHAOS American Wheat All Grain 6D - American Wheat or Rye Beer A simple, cheap and fast American wheat recipe that is cloudy, light in body and refreshing.
CHAOS American Pale Ale All Grain American Pale Ale (10A) The official CHAOS American Pale Ale to be brewed for the club keezer. Recipe is 10 Gallons.
Vanilla Rye Stout All Grain Dry Stout Dry Stout
Morning Dew Coffee Stout All Grain Russian Imperial Stout All organic high gravity stout with coffee, oats, cacao, and wildflower honey.
Homi-Cider Cider Specialty Cider And Perry a cider that is a lot like a sorrel drink, this is apple juice or apple cider, quickly brewed with jamaica (hibiscus) flowers, cinnamon, cloves, allspice, and brown sugar. it ferments quickly and is ready for consumption in a week (if kegged).
I Left My Liver In San Francisco All Grain California Common Beer Traditional California Common - Previously brewed and aged in Goose Island Bramble Rye Stout Raspberry Barrel.
Setting Sun Saison All Grain Saison Setting Sun Saison 10 lb Belgian Pilsner 4 lb Belgian Wheat .5 lb C60 Hallertauer - 1.5 oz/60 m, .5 oz/15 m, Bitter orange peel .25/45m WLP 565 Yeast Pre Boil Gravity -1.063 Est Original Gravity -1.075 Final Gravity - 1.017 ABV - 7.57% Total Water 8.7 gallons Mash Water 4.7 gallons Sparge water 4 gallons Strike temp 170F, Mash temp 155F (i recommend taking
Koval Barleywine All Grain American Barleywine This is the base recipe for a CHAOS barrel project. This base recipe will be brewed and then filled into a 31 Gallon Koval whiskey Barrel. This recipe is for an American-Style Barleywine, BJCP cat. 19C.
Elixir of Life: An Olde Ale All Grain Old Ale The elixir of life is a legendary potion, or drink, that grants the drinker eternal life and or eternal youth. Many practitioners of alchemy pursued it. I'd like this to be our pursuit, as well. After looking around at a lot of recipes, and doing a lot of research regarding what constitutes this classic style, I pieced together the recipe below: