Morning Dew Coffee Stout

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All Grain



All organic high gravity stout with coffee, oats, cacao, and wildflower honey.




15 lbs Organic 2 Row
1 lb Organic Carapils
1 lb Organic Flaked Oats
1.5 lbs Organic Crystal 120
1.4 lbs Organic Chocolate Malt
12 oz Organic Roasted Malt
10 oz Raw Wildflower Honey
1.5 oz Organic UK Fuggle
2 oz Organic 100% Cacao
4 oz Organic Espresso


Mashed at 55┬░ F for 90 minutes 2 runnings totaling 8 gallons Boiled down to 6.5 gallons added .5 oz hops 20 min .5 oz hops 15 min cacao and 6 oz oats 10 min honey 3 min .5 oz hops Coffee added at flameout Final volume 5.5 gallons


Brewed Mon Oct 22, 2012, drew a sample after 5 days, getting hot, but really smooth with lots of chocolate and some nice coffee notes, definitely needs more coffee in secondary. Considering splitting the batch and trying different flavorings.