Tropical Stout Tasting and Calibration for CHAOS Competition

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Thursday, September 27, 2018 - 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Lo Rez Brewery 2101 S. Carpenter Street
60608 Chicago , IL

Tasting of commercial examples of Tropical Stout, the style for the November CHAOS Club-Only competition, and comparisons to other, related styles such as the Foreign Extra Stout.  Learn about the style, get your palate calibrated.  Food will be available, details to be determined.  

Jim Vondracek
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Update -

Update -

Dave at Lo-Rez offered to grill dinner for us that evening - but we need an approximate head-count on who will be there.  So please go here  and RSVP.  Friends, spouses etc are welcome - just increase your RSVP number to accomodate them, please.  

Also, we've found that the only widely distributed Tropical Stout here is Dragon Stout, brewed in Jamaica by Red Stripe.  So we'll be trying that, but also comparing and contrasting it to Guinness Foreign Extra Stout and Bell's Double Cream Stout.  These are both related styles and should help us dial in on what we're looking for in a Tropical Stout.