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CHAOS Elections 2022 - Secretary (One-Year Term)

As secretary, I invite nominations for our annual club elections for officers and board members.  The election will be held at the April monthly meeting, Tuesday April 12, 2022, 7:00 pm at the CHAOS brewhouse.  We elect all five officers each year, to one-year terms.  Board members are elected to three-year terms.  This year, there are three board terms ending and we will be electing three members to fill them. 

To nominate someone or yourself for Secretary, please do so by replying in this thread. 

Secretary responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

Keeps and disseminates the records, policies, and announcements of the club, including board and officer decisions, meeting minutes, notices, bylaws, and other corporate records.  Communicates with the club membership about upcoming events and other opportunities. 

I am the incumbent and will not be serving another term. 

Note: Any posts that are not a nomination (this includes discussion about candidates) will be deleted without mercy.

I nomoinate Irene Sustar to serve a one-year term as Secretary.  Irene was previously a member of CHAOS before moving to Michigan and has rejoined the club after returning to Chicago.  She and I visited about the postition, what is entailed, and I am convinced that she will be excellent at it.  She brings enthusiasm and commitment to the club, skills in communications and design, and would be an outstanding addition to the team of officers.  

I second this nomination!