CHAOS Elections 2022 - Board of Directors (Three-YearTerms)

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Jim Vondracek
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CHAOS Elections 2022 - Board of Directors (Three-YearTerms)

As secretary, I invite nominations for our annual club elections for officers and board members.  The election will be held at the April monthly meeting, Tuesday April 12, 2022, 7:00 pm at the CHAOS brewhouse. 

Board members are elected to three-year terms.  This year, there are three terms ending and we will be electing three members to fill them.  The incumbents are Steven Lane, Jeff Whelpley and Ben Resch.  Steven and Jeff have indicated that they would serve if elected again, Ben has indicated that he would prefer not to serve another term. 

To nominate someone or yourself for a seat on the Board of Directors, please do so by replying in this thread. 

The following is an excellent write up by Steven Lane on serving on the Board of Directors:

Keeping CHAOS running and growing.

The board of directors is comprised of people who are devoted to the club emotionally, physically, mentally, intellectually, and socially. What they really offer is ideas, encouragement, making connections, giving the club direction, and community building initiatives. Beyond just keeping the brewhouse running and stocked, board members enthusiastically and energetically promote the club’s mission (which is, first and foremost, education and community involving home and craft brew).

Ways you can contribute.

Brewhouse Maintenance: It takes a team effort to keep the brewhouse running, and we need people dedicated to routine maintenance and cleaning. The grain store also needs to be monitored and continually restocked. We have a lot of equipment to maintain, and research is needed for acquiring new items that enhance our brewing experience (while staying in budget).

Education: We learn a tremendous amount brewing together, and board members should strive to supervise at least 2-3 intro brews a year. Board directors should also organize group brews and competitions to engage members and create opportunities for collaboration. For those with expertise in advanced brewing techniques, we need classes and workshops that help bring in new people and enable everyone to become better brewers.

Events & Fundraising: By helping to plan and organize our four seasonal parties, you ensure the club is raising funds and growing our community base. Getting more Friend and Trial members to come to events helps the club thrive, and we need people that can motivate friends, coworkers, and family to become members. We also encourage hosting new events, participating in festivals, and establishing collaborations that extend our outreach to local craft beer enthusiasts.

Strategy & Planning: The board of directors works with the executive officers to ensure the club stays on mission and on budget. We have private channels to discuss club business and make decisions, and we meet the second Tuesday of every month. Our annual retreat for officers and directors allows us to identify goals and plan initiatives for the upcoming year.

What’s expected of you.

You must be present at a minimum of 9 (out of 12) monthly board meetings (attendance may be via telephone, i.e., someone who is present putting you on speaker phone). It is also vital that you attend the annual retreat as that is where we set the agenda for the year.

You hold a valuable position. We need all cylinders firing to keep CHAOS moving forward. You must contribute time and energy continually and substantially to the benefit of the club.

I don’t believe this has ever been invoked, but according to our bylaws: Directors can, should, and will be subject to removal “with or without cause” by simple majority vote of the other board of directors. If you are not “pulling your weight”, you could be in Gavin Newsom’s shoes with Caitlyn Jenner nipping at your heels ;-)

Daunted? Relax, have a home brew!

You don’t need to do everything, just helping in one or two core categories can have an amazing impact. The club functions best when many people are engaged lending their personal skills to achieve our common goals.

Your first step is accepting a nomination or nominating yourself. You will then need to be ready to make a speech at the June meeting before we all vote.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. I look forward to working with the next generation of volunteers seeking a position on the Board of Directors or Executive Officer team.

Jim Vondracek
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I nominate Jeff Whelpley and

I nominate Jeff Whelpley and Steven Lane to another term on the Board of Directors.  They have contributed to the club in myriad ways and have helped build the club to its current status.  They are excellent board members.  

I also nominate Jason Whitehouse to a term on the Board of Directors.  Jason joined the club a little more than a year ago after moving to Chicago from Nashville.  I've gotten to know Jason over the past year, he is talented, committed to CHAOS' success, has volunteered for brewhouse projects and events, attends monthly meetings, and has significant skills related to brewhouse maintenance and repairs.  Jason has indicated that he would serve if elected.  

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I accept the nomination.

I accept the nomination. Looking forward to three more years of supporting the club!

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I would like to nominate

I would like to nominate Steven Burkhart for a Board spot. Steven has been a huge asset to the club and has become increasingly involved in the club since being the guy I picked up ice for our parties from. He has helped with logistics for grain pick-ups, led brewing projects and has been keen to jump in to solve problems and provide practical advice. He knows how to fix stuff and just gets things done. He is also a genius at choosing partners for club brewing competitions.

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I accept Rich's nomination!

I accept Rich's nomination! He clearly has better taste in nominations than I do in brew partners! Been a member for over 7 years hoping I can contribute more to growing Chaos