2014 Uppers & Downers Coffee Beer Homebrew Competition

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Friday, August 29, 2014 - 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
2557 North Ave.
60647 Chicago , IL


Announcing the 2014 Uppers & Downers coffee beer homebrew competition

Please join us for an incredible series of events focusing on hands-on education in the coffee sourcing, roasting, and extraction practices that make for inventive coffee beers. In collaboration with Intelligentsia, we'll be bringing together some of the world's greatest coffee experts alongside local brewers to elevate the conversation and experience around coffee beers. And then, you get to show us your best. 

The Competition Categories

Roasty Toasty

The sweeter, darker side of the brew. This category feels most familiar to the coffee beer drinker, with notes of chocolate, roasted malts, and coffee bitterness all in balance. 

Light Bright
A lighter roast and brighter beer style. This category surprises the palate with more tannic, acid-forward blends that are lighter-bodied and aromatic. Fruit, herbs, and yeast aromas anticipated.

Culture Clash
Brew your way into uncharted territory. This experimental category includes ciders, meads, and unexpected beer mash-ups with coffee at the core. Anything goes.

Entry Rules

1. Maximum two entries per person/team.

2. Any coffee source is welcome. It does not have to include Intelligentsia Coffee. 

3. Each category limited to 15 total entries. If we reach that limit, we'll contact you right away. 

4. Each submission must be made via (2) 12oz bottles, or (1) 22oz bottle. 

5. Submissions can be mailed to: Good Beer Hunting Studios, 2557 W. North Ave, Chicago, IL 60647 or dropped off at location on August 27th between 9a-7p. All entires must be received by August 27th. 

6. Necessary info includes:
- Name
- Email
- Phone number
- Mailing address
- Category being entered (one per brew)
- Ingredients used
- Description of coffee extraction and blending method 
- Coffee used (company and name/varietal)
- Uppers & Downers events attended/tickets purchased

7. If you also wish to compete for the "People's Choice" award at the main event on Aug 29th, please bring a few large bottles to put on ice and share. 


Primary competition

1. The primary judging panel will include experts from both the beer and coffee industry. Individual names to be announced as availability is confirmed, and subject to change. A top-three will be chosen from each category the day prior to the "Compete" event.

2. Criteria will include evaluation of both beer and coffee qualities, and overall effectiveness of the blend. 

3. Winners from each category will be contacted privately on August 28th via phone or email so they can plan to attend the August 29th tasting event for the public announcement.

4. Winners for each category will be publicly announced at the Aug 29th “Compete” bottle share event at Good Beer Hunting Studios. $10 ticket purchase required to attend the event. Actual attendance is not mandatory for competing. 

5. Winners will be invited to include their coffee beer in the Uppers & Downers main event tentatively scheduled for September 2014. Actual time and location will be announced soon. The main event beer can be the existing batch, or a new batch as necessary, as long as it follows the same recipe and methodology as the winning brew. 5 gallons minimum. Winners will have a minimum of one month to brew for the main event. Actual date and time of main event will be announced shortly.

Secondary competition

1. A secondary contest, the "Peoples' Choice" will be conducted at the August 29th "Compete" event and be chosen regardless of style or category by attendees. The top-three winners will be announced at the end of the night.

2. The “People’s choice” winner will also be invited to re-brew their beer and pour at the main Uppers & Downers event alongside commercial breweries. 

3. The "People's Choice" submission should be brought by you the day of the event. Plan to put at least a few bottles on ice and share with attendees. The more you have to share, the more opportunity you have for votes! 

Any questions or concerns, email Michael@GoodBeerHunting.com