Bacon & Beer

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012 - 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Diversey Brown line stop - one block west
60613 Chicago , IL

Need I say more?  Bacon & Beer, pints & pig, what more can you ask for? Come join me for Paddy Long's legendary bacon and draft list. Why? Why not?

You may partake in the bacon bomb, a five pound meatloaf lovingly wrapped in a weave of brown sugar bacon and grilled for three hours. They also have bacon samplers, beer wrapped bacon, bacon wrapped dates and bacon grenades (bacon wrapped sausage).

As for beer, there is a $4 pint special for Summit Summer ale, and quite a healthy draft and bottle list, including a few bottles you won't see many places. The staff knows we're coming, promises to split our check, and will reward us as deserved for filling their bar on an off night.

I'll be getting there around 6 PM, and staying as long as I can handle more bacon and beer. It's a smallish venue, but text me if you can't find us. Come join me for a tribute to gluttony rarely seen on a Wednesday.

And, oh yes, they do have wings.