Barbecue and Beer Pairing

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Saturday, July 30, 2022 - 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM
2417 W Hubbard St
Chicago , IL

We have a special beer pairing event for CHAOS Brewer & Friend members — join us for an afternoon of small batch brews designed to pair perfectly with a delicious barbeque dish!

Tepache/Weissbier — Radler Classic weissbier in one keg and tepache (fermented pineapple rinds with cloves, cinnamon, and piloncillo sugar) in a second keg. Mix them together for a radler!

Al Pastor Ribs — Smokey, charred pineapple glazes the top of these vividly red ribs, smoked to perfection.  Of course, we used the pineapple leftover from the tepache for the glaze.

— Steve Burkhart & Jeff Whelpley 

Swingers Party — Pineapple wheat beer Perle Hops Hersbrucker Hops Czech Saaz Hops

Hawaiian Pulled Pork — Dry rubbed with the gospel finished with honey hog, butter, and brown sugar pinaple juice 

— Ryan Lee & Lora D. 

Samuel Chadam's Barbecue Lube — International Amber Lager

Vegan Grill Mix — Smoked spice rubbed Cauliflower w cherry BBQ sauce, Smoked Trumpet Mushrooms with wet hop chimichurri

— Marc Schoen & Alex Dropkin

Watermelon Sugar — German Kolsch with Watermelon

Cajun Surf & Turf — Smoked Rillons, Cubes of Poked Belly Smoked and then Braised in a Red Wine Caramel Sauce + Cajun Butter Steak + Cajun Seafood Boil

— Reed Roussel & Kevin Wilhelm

English Pub Beer with Honey

Smoked Shrimp — Apple wood smoked shrimp, with an olive oil, lemon and herb sauce

— Jim Vondracek​

American Amber Ale — Traditional American Amber Ale that starts with a sweet malty backbone and citrusy, hoppy, finish.

Smoked Whole Brisket

— Jon P

Pre-Prohibition Lager — Pre-Prohibition Lager. Historical Beer brewed with Pilsner and Crushed Bloody Butcher Corn. Fermented with American Lager Yeast, 5% ABV.

KY Burgoo — A hearty BBQ soup with pork, chicken, beef, and veggies, cooked low and slow to perfection.

— Jason Whitehouse & James Faircloth

Swedish Fish 2.0 — Fruited sour with candy fishes

Spicy Asian Spareribs

— Boollish

Sour Cherry Ale — Kettle side sour ale finished with Belgian Ardennes and rested on macerated sweet cherries.

Korean Style BBQ — Cherry wood smoked chicken thighs or Japanese eggplant, served with a cherry infused sauce, kimchi, and pickles on a Parilla leaf.

— Steven Lane

Arctic Ale — Strong, Dark and Mysterious, like a night in the arctic circle. Replicates feelings of mental hypothermia.

Barrel-Aged Ice Cream Float — Possiblities of Barrel aged truffles high.

— Patty McGuire & Melissa Hiller