Barrel Blender's Program Inaugural Meeting

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012 - 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM
1329 Grand
60613 Chicago , IL

This new program will be focused on barreling and blending beers in and out of barrel.  

Delicious barreled beer doesn’t have to be rare, expensive, or elite.  It can be easily made at home.  And with the facilities and diverse membership of CHAOS brewclub, it can be developed beyond the limited capacities of a small brewery’s budget.  We’re brewing for personal consumption, not mass distribution and that's an advantage.  Homebrewers should realize that the ‘Home’ of ‘Homebrewing’ doesn’t designate a lower status; we too are Brewers and have all the resources we need to make better beer.

In the first meeting, members will meet to solidify a plan for the program.  I’ve drawn up several different courses of action for the club to take, each offering interesting avenues.  The general plan shared by all these options will be the following:  each member will assume financial responsibility equivalent to a ten-gallon barrel.  For example, if the program has four members, we’ll have four barrels for use.  We’ll try and shoot for a range of barrels (Rum, Whiskey, Brandy, Maple syrup coated, etc…).  These barrels will be used to age several successive beers made by the program’s members.  We’ll all meet at a later date to decide upon more beers to be brewed for the barrels, but also to taste the products of the barrel and to decide upon blends to be made.  The final results will also most likely be presented through a homebrew competition, so that general members of CHAOS can taste and judge the program’s products! 

All of the particulars will be decided upon in the first meeting.   Expect a long-term commitment and a lot of collaboration.  Hopefully we’ll all grow as brewers.  Anyone with any questions should send me a CHAOS message or email me at [email protected]  .  Barrels will likely be sourced from John at Farmhouse, since he commonly comes upon these different barrels and offers discounts on multiple barrels.

If interested, join up in the groups page and give your availability in the meeting 1 post.