BeerFX Presents Beyond The Brew: Barrel Aging @ Schubas

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Monday, May 20, 2013 - 6:45 PM to 10:30 PM

In this round of Beyond The Brew, we discuss Barrel Aged Beers, the art, the craft, the process, and obviously... the taste.


At its core, Beyond The Brew is a panel/discussion featuring the best in American Craft Beer. Similar to SXSW or TED, these are informative talks that leave you with a new understanding of what craft beer is and the personalities behind it. What sets this event apart, is that it is coupled with interactive, craft beer tasting. But not just any tasting, each sample is hand selected by the featured speaker of the night, so that every 10-20 minutes, we will pause for that particular brewer (or distiller) to share that beer with the audience and speak on why it is special. Beyond The Brew is not just an informative panel or a tap takeover, Beyond The Brew is an interactive, entertaining, informative beer gathering that you will never forget.

This ticket price includes the discussion, four 4oz. beer samples (chosen by the 4 speakers), and a limited number of tastings before and after the panel.


Cory King - Perennial Brewing (St. Louis, MO)

Tim Faith - New Holland Brewing (St. Holland, MI)

John Laffler - Off Color Brewing (Chicago, IL)

Kyle Henderson - Angel's Envy Bourbon (Louisville, KY)


6:45pm - Doors Open

7:45pm - Panel Begins

8:45pm - Q&A

10:30 - Last Call

Note: If you would prefer to save the $3.19 fee that eventbrite charges you, please send an email to for a limited edition, paper ticket (old school...word).