Beermiscuous "Open Mic-ro Night"

JimChochola's picture
Thursday, August 7, 2014 - 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
2812 N. Lincoln Ave.
60657 Chicago , IL

CHAOS is co-hosting Beermiscuous' first "Open Mic-ro Night"!

Times are not definite. But, it will indeed be August 7th at the Beermiscuous cafe (and then the 1st Thursday every month after).

Paual Leamon, owner of Beermiscuous, describes the concept this way, "The gist of the event is an open invitation for any home brewer to bring in their selected home brew, present to the audience their inspiration/recipe/process/tasting, and then obtain official BJCP feedback forms from audience members who will also learn from our Cicerone how to evaluate and provide constructive feedback. So a great education forum for both brewer and audience."

If you're interested, you bring a six-pack (ideally) so that as many people as possible can taste. You CAN attend even if you don't have a beer to share. Paul says this is a great experience for the person who brewed to get feedback and for the people who didn't brew to practice giving feedback.