Thursday, April 18, 2013 - 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Come, help us clean, tidy, and organize the brewhouse. As soon as we're done, we'll relax and munch on some Coalfire pizza from next door. Pizza's on the club; feel free, however, to bring some brew to share.

I have parent-teacher conferences until the evening so I probably can't make it.

Things which need to be accomplished:
(1) organize/sweep/clean the office;
(2) sweep the loft;
(3) throw out any items which are merely clutter (misc crap behind ferm room; bottles near door; misc. crates or whatever is next to the couch);
(4) wash, dry, and store any glassware or pots lying around (all pots and tuns should be hanging; all glassware should be on the shelf in the office);
(5) clean stoves;
(6) Anything else which you see!

I will order some pizzas and have them delivered to the brewhouse between 7:30-8:00. Thanks!

This is at the same time as Wing Nite...

coolif i brew this night? 

I know it's the same time as Wing Nite, Eric. It was the same night as something else last month. We'll have to roll with it; there's so much going on at CHAOS now that there's bound to be some conflicts that people simply have to choose.

As long as you help us clean while your brew's going, Mike, you're welcome to brew. But the point of tonight is to clean not make more mess.

Also, someone text me (773.991.9318) and let me know if cleaning is indeed happening. I'd like to send some pizzas over (as usual) but not if there's no cleaning going on.