CHAOS & Goose Island Competition

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Friday, April 26, 2019 - 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM
2417 West Hubbard
Chicago , IL

Need something to mull over the holidays? CHAOS is holding its Seventh Club-Only Competition featuring the Trappist Single! Don your monk robes and shave a tonsure.  Sponsored by Goose Island, the gold-medal winning brewer will have his/her beer brewed at Goose Island and have it served in their taproom.  

Important Dates:

Calibration Tasting - TBD
Online Entry Deadline - Friday, April 5th
Entry Bottles due by Tuesday, April 23rd at the CHAOS Brewhouse
Competition Date - Friday April 26, awards announcement at 8 pm
Medal Winning Beers featured at CHAOS Cerveza de Mayo May 2019

Style Info:

Online Registration:

The calibration for the last competition was a lot of fun, we will coordinate a similar evening in February.  We'll explore the style, taste a couple of commercial examples. Details TBD.  

Questions, suggestions or concerns?  Competition Coordinator Patty McGuire [email protected]

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