CHAOS Meeting 028

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Sunday, August 4, 2013 - 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM

What:  CHAOS Meeting 028.  This is our monthly meeting held on the first Sunday of every month (or second Sunday in times of holiday).  The meeting will discus the inner workings of CHAOS and what plans we have in store for the future.  This meeting is open to all members. Everyone - existing members new and old, as well as non-members - is encouraged to attend!

Where:  The meeting will be held at the brew house located at 1329 W. Grand Ave. Rear. Please enter through alley.

When:  The meeting will start at 6:00 p.m., informally.  We will use this time to share home brew, catch up, and socialize in general.  At 6:30 we will start the meeting following a set agenda...and of course you may choose to continue sharing and sampling brews during the meeting.

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Unfortunately I cannot make

Unfortunately I cannot make this most important of meetings, But I have a few ideas/thoughts I'd like brought up if someone could do that for me.  Thanks:

1. what can we salvage from this building?  I was thinking that after we vacate we could cut up the wood that makes the loft flooring and use that as shelving in the new place.  I think we should strip this place of as much as possible and legal for use in the next location.

2.  My Old Man has a chest freezer he's looking to get rid rid of, I might be able to secure this for the club, as long as a sibling doesn't claim it, as a second keezer, only problem is it's in Valparaiso, IN and down a flight of stairs if he's willing to donate to us, we'll need someone with a truck to take me out there and help me get it out his basement.

3. I've briefly discussed this with a few folks and made a post about it, keggles.  There are currently three kegs along the perimeter of the brew house, two of which have the tops cut off.  The general consensus about switching to all keggles was mixed in my previous forum post.  I would like to purchase one of the kegs with the top cut off from whomever the owner might be in order to have at it with a step bit and make a keggle for myself and the general benefit of the club.  I know Iggy said he owned one, I think James claimed one, If anyone knows who owns these kegs and might want to sell one to me for a reasonable price, please get a hold of me, thanks.

4. The Chiller Cart.   In my previous post about keggles the issue of dealing with the chiller at the new location was brought up.  A movable cart was mentioned.  Iggy proposed the cart that is currently in front of the lockers.  I believe this would make an excellent chiller cart, I think that the current chiller housing would fit perfectly on the bottom rack, perhaps with an extended high temp silicone inlet tube so we would no longer need to move kettles from the burner and carry hot wort.  I had mentioned that we could include a bucket and an immersion chiller on this cart to act as a pre-chiller for the groundwater during hot weather.  This would enable brewers to chill at a faster flow rate despite hot weather but would require 2 "Y" valves, a bucket or pot for it to sit in, and the brewer to bring a bag of ice to toss in the pre-chiller bucket if the weather conditions require it.  Something like 2 of the items in the following link, one before the pre-chiller and one after, would enable the brewer to route the groundwater either directly to the CFC or to the pre-chiller.