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Sunday, July 31, 2011 - 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM
914 N. California Ave.
60613 Chicago , IL


Join CHAOS at 4pm on Sunday July 31st at the CHAOS Community Brew House (map) for a workshop on making a cheap and easy all-grain mash tun.


The home brewer's version of a mash tun requires only a few things:  1. It needs to hold enough volume to contain a grist - a mixture of water and grain.  2.  It must be able to hold temperature in the range of 90F-170F and maintain the brewer's desired target temperature.   Commercial breweries do these things on a large scale and use heated stainless steel vessels with mash screens.  The home brewer's scale is typically 5-10 gallons.  With that in mind, home brewer's for years have been converting picnic and beverage coolers into homemade Mash tuns.


This workshop will walk you through the steps, equipment, and know-how neccessary to build a DIY homebrew mash tun.


Your Host:


David Williams


Cost: Free +  Cost of Materials (optional)


What to bring:  This class is free and does not require you to bring anything but your willingness to learn.  However, if you would like to bring the necessary materials for constructing your mash tun suggested vendors have been listed below.  The instructor will walk through all neccessary steps to construct the mash tun and will be able to help you assemble your tun if you choose to bring materials with you.


Materials list:  Most people already have a cooler lying around that can be converted.  If you do not, there are plenty available at your run of the mill big box store.  You can also look on Amazon or Ebay for deals.  Just keep in mind that you will want a cooler that is at least 40 quarts.  I'd recommend bigger if you plan on stepping up to bigger batches or high gravity brews.  The other important thing your cooler will need is a drain.  The remainder of the parts have been listed below (they are the cheapest I could find from  I also listed some ball valves and hose barbs.  You can go all Stainless steel (longer life) or Brass - your choice.

(1) 1/2" NTP Female Stainless Steel Braid Hose

(1) Weldless Cooler Bulkhead Fitting

(1) Stainless or Brass Ball Valve with 1/2" Hose Barb