Elixer of Life: Blending Session

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Sunday, December 16, 2012 - 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

On Sunday December 16th, at 6pm we will be removing a portion of aged Elixir and refilling/topping up the barrel with fresh Elixir.  The aged portion that is removed from the barrel will be blended with other batches that members have brewed for this blending session.  To participate in the blending you must have brewed a batch.  Others are welcome to come and watch the process, but only blenders will be able to take blended beer home. 

Blenders (so far):

David - Elixir  4 gallons

James - Elixir 5 gallons

Lucas - Elixir 5 gallons

Eric P - Elixir 4.5 gallons

Kyle - Chocolate vanilla Brown Ale 5 gallons

Pete - Barleywine - 4 gallons

Lager Dan - Hoppy Beer ? gallons


If you have a batch of beer and would like to blend it, please send David an email indicating what you have to offer and how much.  Please note that not all styles will be accepted, but most styles will be accepted.


Below is the proposed schedule:

1. Determine total volume of fresh Elixir

2. Determine amount of head space in Elixir barrel

3.  Remove portion from barrel ( total head space - total fresh)

4.  Refill barrel with fresh Elixir

5.  Determine Primary Blend using Elixir as the base.  Group will measure portions of each batch into different blends.

6. Scale up blend

7.  Determine Secondary Blend.

8.  Bottle Primary

9. Keg secondary


If each person brings enough bottles for a 5 gallons batch, we should collectively have enough bottles for the primary blend.  Please have your bottles cleaned before the event...we will sanitize the day of, before bottling.  We will bottle all of the primary blend and then split the bottles between all blenders.  The secondary blend will be put on tap at the Brew House.


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I brewed for the original

I brewed for the original batch but I do not have a new batch to blend at this time. If I brew a new batch, am I allowed to get in on the next blending?