FastRack Challenge on National Homebrew Day!

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Saturday, May 2, 2015 - 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
CHAOS Brew Clubs 2417 W. Hubbard
60612 Chicago , IL

WIN a complimentary enterance to the National Homebrew Confernece in San Diego to the top 10 fastest hands! We submit video submissions to FastRack and then they compile/compare the times

Can you find the World's "Fastest Hands?" - Host a Speed Challenge!

The Objective

Fill a FastRack with 24 empty 12 oz. beer bottles, put on a standard beer box and flip the whole thing over in the fastest time.

1. Designate time at your club meeting or competition for the FastRack Speed Challenge

2. Notify us at: to post it to our Events Calendar and other social media

3. Promote your event using your website, Facebook, Twitter and other online tools

4. Set up your challenge. You will need:

          Large sturdy table

          1 FastRack24 (beer) and Tray

          24 empty bottles + extra for breakage

          Empty 24-bottle beer box


          Recording device - cell phone and tablets work well

          Towel or blanket for under the table - catches flying bottles

          Sign-up sheet for participants including: name, email, phone number and time columns

5. Either do a time trial or a head-to-head elimination style contest to find the "Fastest Hands"

6. Get the recording device ready *only recorded challenges will be accepted into the FastRack "Fastest Hands" Competition*

7. Begin the first participant with the countdown "3-2-1 FASTRACK"

8. Start the timer and the participant must fill the 24 bottles into the rack, put the box over top and flip the box over. Time stops when the box is on the table.

9. Record the total time of the participant and repeat steps until everyone has participated

10. Upload your three fastest Challenges and email to with the following information:

          Retail Store or Homebrew Club Name

          Participant's name


11. Have fun!