German and Czech Lagers - 2nd Monthly BJCP Workshop

Jim Vondracek's picture
Wednesday, November 20, 2019 - 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Great Central Brewing 221 N. Wood (Wood & Walnut)
Chicago , IL

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This workshop will focus on German and Czech lager styles.  We will talk through the styles, then taste and evaluate four examples.  Workshop presented by Jeff Whelpley and Jim Vondracek.  Anyone is welcome, not just those preparing for the BJCP exam, and you are welcome to attend one workshop and not others.  

The BJCP styles we'll cover include:

  • Czech Pale (3a), Czech Premium Pale (3b), Czech Amber (3c) and Czech Dark (3d) Lagers
  • Munich Helles (4a), Festbier (4b) and Helles Bock (4c) 
  • Leichtbier (5a), Kolsch (5b), Helles Exportbier (5c), and German Pils (5d)
  • Marzen (6a), Rauchbier (6b), and Dunkels Bock (6c)
  • Vienna Lager (7a), Altbier (7b) and Kellerbier (7c)
  • Munich Dunkel (8a) and Schwartzbier (8b)
  • Doppelbock (9a) and Eisbock (9b)

You can read about all these styles in the BJCP Style Guidelines here.  

We have four main goals for the workshops:

- deepen your understanding of beer styles
- develop a solid understanding of the elements for evaluating beers
- through sensory evaluation practice, develop your palate on a variety of beer styles
- enhance your ability to articulate what you perceive (and fill out the BJCP scoresheet)

There is no fee for the workshop, other than sharing the cost of the beers we sample.  

Thanks to Great Central Brewing for hosting us in their delightful, welcoming and spacious taproom!