Middle Brow Competition & ManBQue

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Saturday, May 24, 2014 - 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Hi there,

I'm Bryan from Middle Brow Beer Co. We frequently host homebrewing competitions in the Chicago area, and we commercially brew and distribute the winning beer throughout the city (and give half of the profits to local charities). 

We just wanted to reach out about our homebrewing contest coming up for CCBW. This one's a bit different: the event will be judged live, contestants will be pouring their own beers, and the event will be judged in part by members of the world famous, Chicago-based BBQ collective ManBQue. These guys love meat, rock'n'roll and, most importantly to us, beer... so they put a lot of effort and focus into getting the right beer pairings for each dish at their barbeque dinners. We're psyched to taste some beers with them...

We thought your members might be particularly interested in entering this competition, or at least attending. So we'd be immensely grateful if you passed on this message... And given the smaller quarters and the live nature of the event, we had to limit the number of contestants this time. We still got some slots open for each style, though... so if any of them have a session, Belgian, stout or some other special, offbeat beer in their repertoire, dust it off, get it ready for Chicago Craft Beer Week and enter the competition at the link below.

Head over to to the following link to grab your ticket. http://bit.ly/1ilj6rK

And even if they don't have a beer they want to enter, they should come to the event anyway. Given all the people involved (ManBQue! Cobra Lounge!), this is shaping up to be a killer CCBW event.

Bryan @ Middle Brow