Style Sampling and Discussion - BJCP Category 19b and 19c

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012 - 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
1329 W Grand Alley entry
60642 Chicago , IL

            This month we will be discussing BJCP Catagory 19B and 19C, American and English Barleywines. We’ll announce the style theme of the next month’s meeting and take around three volunteers to brew this months style.  We will also be selecting which Old Ale to send in as our clubs entry into the AHA club competition!


We will be trying some of the following beers:

J.W. Lee’s Vintage Harvest Ale (different varieties)

Robinson’s Old Tom

Great Divide Old Ruffian

Avery Hog Heaven


CHAOS’ ‘BJCP’ meetings will aim at cultivating and strengthening three different aspects of our club and its membership.  The first of these aims will be to educate members on beer styles.   Each meeting will have a style theme (Porter, Stout, Lager, etc…) and will be introduced by an overview of the Beer Judge Certification Program’s respective style guidelines as well as a brief summary of that style’s historical development.  The second aim will be to promote club community by providing a consistent venue for beer tastings.  Unlike past tastings, these will center and focus on a particular style each month, further extending the purpose of education.  The tastings will include the beers made by club members for entry to the AHA homebrew club competition as well as several classic and contemporary representatives of that given month’s style.  The third aim is to encourage CHAOS members to participate in official BJCP-sponsored homebrew competitions.  Thus we will set our meeting agenda parallel to the one provided by the American Homebrew Association’s homebrew club competition.  Each month the AHA accepts one entry per homebrew club for a style of its choosing.  Winners will earn their club points towards becoming the Homebrew Club of the year. 


            Meetings will be held at 1329 W. Grand at the brewhouse unless announced otherwise.  If you’re only interested in the beer tasting and don’t want to participate in brewing, come on out anyways!  The more the merrier!  Please contact James Lewis or Daniel Barker with any questions.

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Sorry to cancel at the last

Sorry to cancel at the last minute. I am not going to be able to get away from work tonight like I thought.