Wednesday, February 27, 2019 - 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
2417 W Hubbard
Chicago , IL

I won’t be able to attend the calibration event, but as the chief resident Belgian aficionado for the club, I thought I would pass along a little advice for home-calibrating for this contest. 

First, a few caveats: beer styles as we view them are not really a thing for true Belgians, this style is not really well established in the context of accepted styles, there’s not really a pure (conforming) example of one widely available in the US, and I’m not a proper beer judge so you probably should take this all with a grain of salt.

But I think there is one beer, sort of newly widely available, that pretty well captures the essence of the style. It’s Duvel Single Fermentation. Basically, it’s a less robust version of their outstanding, style-defining Strong Golden Ale. This beer itself comes from the same wort as the classic, but doesn’t go through secondary fermentation, long cellaring time or have nearly the level of VO2s (i.e. it’s not as strong, complex, or effervescent) And that’s about right for the single; it’s still dry and refreshing, hoppy, spicy with plenty of fruit esters. At 6.8%, it’s a little over on ABV, but, as many have found out the hard way, Belgian brewers are almost devilish in their ability to conceal alcohol (i.e. don’t do this at home)

It’s a really nice beer at a decent price ($15 for 4-500ml), I’ve really enjoyed my calibration time with this over the last couple of months




Sean, thanks for the knowledge share!!

That's really interesting, thanks, Sean.  I think regular Duvel is also good for comparisions.  The more I learn about the Patersbier style the more I like it.  

I'm planning to attend, looking forward to it. 

That’s right Jim, the classic has the perfect general profile ex the well-hidden booze and is far superior in every way to the single fermentation version, which among other problems, has a metallic quality this is pretty off putting. If someone could tease out the classic’s level of flavor and complexity from a 5-6% beer, they would win easily (and make me super jealous.)

Whoever starts selling Trappist Singles are welcome to use these tag lines for the style.  I don't even need a royalty.  


Patersbier - the Belgian Pisner


Patersbier - What Belgians Drink When They Mow The Lawn


I found the Duvel last night at my local Binny’s so it will be one of the ones we try