Working on the Brew House, Tuesday Oct. 2, 3pm-10pm

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012 - 5:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Hello CHAOS,

We are going to finalize some major brew house improvements before the membership transition and meeting on October 7th. We need help, lots of help, to make this happen. The renovation will make the space easier to use as a brewer and support more brewers at once. Evan is going to get there at 3pm to get things moving, Il be there at 5.

My Goals for the evening are:

-Get the frame work (Table/burner/location) of the brew bays set up. 

-Run new gas pipe to get more burners and a better layout of burners

-Move the hotbox above the barrels. 

-Hang a 2x4 from chains to hold mash tuns (like we have brew pots)

-Find better homes for the material on the shelves, throw away trash.

-Install the water filter

-Convert two more floor burners

Volunteers can use this work time as one of their "brew sessions" on the 24/7 brewer application. 

We also need some extra tools. If you have a pipe wrench, large crescent wrench, cordless drill, or 8+ foot ladder, please bring these as well.

We really need help to make this happen so please try and make some time. Much appreciated!