1st Floor Bathroom Renovation

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1st Floor Bathroom Renovation

It's been a long time coming, but we have scheduled a renovation of the creepy first floor bathroom. The board has allocated $750-$1000 for the project, which includes the following:

- New toilet and sink

- The door will be replaced with a more sturdy one

- The floor tiles will be replaced

- Anti-microbial RFP will be used for wainscoting over the bottom half of the walls and a wood grained pattern covering will be used for the upper portion.

- The ceiling will be replaced with the wood grain covering

- The shower area basin will be built over with the wall material

The work is scheduled for Wednesday, January 16-Friday, January 18. Please use the upstairs restroom during the renovations.

Brandon Kessler
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Heck yea!!! Great improvement

Heck yea!!! Great improvement for our brewhouse!!

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Let me see if I can get the

Let me see if I can get the club a toilet and sink. Looking for anything particular?