2019 Alchemist Applications / Nominations

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2019 Alchemist Applications / Nominations

All, I am pleased to announce that the annual process for Alchemist elections are upon us! Alchemists are those members who have gone far above and beyond for the club. Everyone makes CHAOS great, but these are the people who we feel deserve special recognition and praise for the amount of time, effort, and resources they have put in the the club. So now is the time to give yourself a shout-out if you've done some great stuff for the club over the last year! I've included some additional information below, but if you'd like the full write-up you can find that here! Don't want to read through everything, here's where you apply: 

What Do Alchemists Get? 
Aside from the undying devotion of all of CHAOS, you get the following fabulous perks:

  • One free storage spot in the Brewhouse
  • A free guest to all of our quarterly events (as long as they are a web member)
  • ​As long as you're still a friend, apprentice, or brewer you'll never need to re-apply, you get these benefits as long as you're an active member.

What Are The Requirements To Become An Alchemist? 
At a minimum, you must have been a friend, apprentice, or brewer level member for at least one year. Beyond that, we've got a few recommendations to help get you started, but these are merely guidelines.

Going way above and beyond for the club is really the other requirement, but here are a few ideas:

  • Brew for brewhouse keezer or parties at least twice per year;
  • Host a Class, Workshop, Hoppy Hour, Open House (or other equivalent event of your design) at least twice per year;
  • Help with at least 2 out of the 4 seasonal events per year;
  • Help build and maintain the brewhouse;

​​What Is The Timeline This Year?

  • 2/22/2019 - Call for Alchemist Applications Is Sent 
  • 3/06/2019 - Applications are closed and the board discusses/votes on the applicants.
  • 3/12/2019 - Results will be announced at the general membership meeting.

​Please feel free to post here or ask anyone on the board. Can't wait to see the applications, thanks!

​Here's the application link again:

(Dates might be switched to ensure people can attend the general meetings)

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New for 2019, all Alchemists

New for 2019, all Alchemists get a free CHAOS brand.  Branding > Tattooing.