Brew House Policies

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Brew House Policies

During our annual offsite, the board agreed to put the following policies in place. Some of them are existing policies, but we thought it would be best to have everything in writing and one place for easy reference. Please note that, while it may seem like a lot, most of these policies are needed to ensure the brew house and club equipment are maintained in a usable state.

  • Brew House Use:
    • Please ensure that you clean up after using the brew house. This includes, but is not limited to the grain mill, chiller, brew station, pots, sink, front bar, and floor.
    • Please remember to make a reservation when brewing, bottling, or kegging.
    • If a member is found to have not followed these basic club procedures, they will be provided with a second chance. After the second occurrence, the member will be reverted to intro-brewer status and retrained with a supervised brew. Should there be a third occurrence, the member will no longer be welcome to brew at CHAOS.
    • To implement this policy, a NEST camera will be installed where the current camera is located and only used should a situation that needs reviewing occur. The only members with access to the camera will be the president and vice president.
  • Keezer Use:
    • The keezer can only be used to carbonate beer for CHAOS use or CHAOS events.
    • Kegs that are on tap will have a two week limit, after which they’ll be removed to make room for new beer.
    • Carbing for CHAOS events or parties will take precedence over beer being served in the keezer.
    • All kegs must have a tag with the following info: Name, phone number, event that the beer will be used, date on gas/date off gas, or date on tap/date off tap. Kegs without this info will be relocated to the ferm room.
  • Non-club Parties at the Brew House
    • Non-club parties include, but are not limited to, birthday parties, non-profit fundraisers, or anything not club related that requires the use of the brew house.
    • A $200 security deposit will be required for non-club parties. If the brew house is not cleaned and back into usable condition, to include policing the parking lot for debris, by 8:00 am the following morning, then the security deposit will not be refunded.
    • In lieu of a standard party fee, we have decided that a good-faith donation be provided which will cover the cost of equipment, utility, CO2, and space use. Non-profit fundraisers are exempt from this.
    • The keezer may be used to serve beer for a private event; however, it may not be used to carbonate beer for private events.
  • Grain
    • Any grain left unsecured in the club member storage area will be immediately removed upon discovery.
    • Members have 24 hours after the delivery of a group buy to remove or secure their grain in rodent proof containers. After that, the grain shall become property of the club.
  • Storage Rent
    • Storage rent is due bi-annually on January 1st and July 1st.
    • Rent paid after the due date is subject to additional fees as follows:
      • $5 one week after the 1st. (For example, January 2nd through January 9th.)
      • Another $5 for the second week. (For example, January 10th through January 17th.)
      • After that the space will become available for other club members to rent and the items in the space will become property of the club.
Jeff W
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Last seen: 2 hours 52 min ago
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Update: The Nest camera has

Update: The Nest camera has been installed and is online. As discussed above, only Jon Phillips and I have access to the camera and will only review footage as needed.

Please review the policies outlined above as a refresher. Thanks!