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Everything for BrewBQ is lined up, now we just need to make it happen! Looks like the weather will be good for outdoor drinking! In addition to the brew clubs, Brew & Grow and Munton's will have vendor booths with swag and beer. Beer the Band will be providing music for us, both live and a dj. There will also be air hockey!

We really scaled back to make this an easy party to operate, but we still need some volunteers for Saturday. For clarification, the CHAOS tent will consist of checking ids, handing out wristbands, talking to people about the club, and selling merchandise. We will also have one of the archs erected under the tent for guests to selfserve their beer.


There is also a party prep scheduled for Friday night between 5:00-9:00, so, if you have time, please swing by for a bit. Thanks!