CHAOS 2017 Elections - Membership Director (1 Year)

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CHAOS 2017 Elections - Membership Director (1 Year)

If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else for membership director please do so by replying to this thread. 


Membership Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

Maintains records and data of members (including but not limited to membership levels and the start/end dates for members’ annual membership); sending welcome letters to new members as well as renewal notices to current members; although this person may not enter into agreements, contracts, etc. one duty of the Membership Officer will be outreach, contacting new members and new partnering organizations. 


Note: Any posts that are not a nomination (this includes discussion about candidates) will be deleted without mercy.

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Hi CHAOS!  I have had the

Hi CHAOS!  I have had the pleasure to be a member of this fine club for over three years.  Jim Chochola was the membership director then and did an awesome job welcoming me and all the other new members, since the begining of CHAOS.  It's one of the most important roles of our club, often time being the first person to contact and greet a new member.  I have had the honor of serving as this person for the last year and I hope I have been able to do half the job Jim did.  

That said, I think Matt Omura would be a kick butt membership director.  I doubt there is a member who doesn't know him,  He has done an amazing job as the educational director, thrusting us into the modern era with a computer set up, BYO issues old and new, and books.  So many books.  I think he will bring the same passion to this position, along with his unique blend of friendliness and warmth. 


John Gammal