CHAOS 2020 Election Results

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CHAOS 2020 Election Results

Thanks to everyone who attended and voted during last night's meeting. Congrats to the winners of this year's election. With having to navigate through the pandemic, the board has it's work cut out for it this year. I think we have a great board that is up to the task! 

Here is this year's board:

Executive Officers

President- Steven Lane

Vise President- Reed Roussel

Treasurer- Ben Resch

Membership Director- Kevin Wilhelm

Secretary- TBD

Board of Directors

Steven Lane

Reed Roussel (reelected)

Patty McGuire (newly elected)

Chris Heyman (newly elected)

Jeff Whelpley 

Jon Phillips

James Faircloth

Ben Resch

Rich Rawlings

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Congrats to all!  

Congrats to all!