CHAOS ELECTIONS 2017 - Treasurer (1 Year)

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CHAOS ELECTIONS 2017 - Treasurer (1 Year)

If you would like to nominate a CHAOS Member or yourself for Treasurer please do so by replying to this thread. 


Treasurer Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

Main person in charge of accounting and finance. This person must maintain the books; takes care of all funds (coming in and going out); gives a financial report at each meeting and prepares a year-end fiscal report; receives and deposits any money coming to the club into the established club account; other temporary duties as assigned by the president or Board of Directors.


Note: Any posts that are not a nomination (this includes discussion about candidates) will be deleted without mercy.

Jim Vondracek
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I've been delighted to serve

I've been delighted to serve as treasurer and happy to assist the club - one way for me to act on my gratitude to the club and the people who have worked to make it such a great resource for us.  

That being said, I am equally delighted to nominate Ben Resch to serve as the treasurer in 2017-2018.  Ben and I have visited about club finances over the past few months and he has agreed to serve if elected.  

Ben is an accountant at Deloitte, he and his family moved back to Chicago last year from Europe and lives in River North.  He has been brewing at CHAOS since their move back (I supervised one of his first days at the brewhouse). 

Ben r.
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Just wanted to officially

Just wanted to officially accept Jim's nomination for this HOTLY CONTESTED role!

Ben Resch, C.P.A.
Brewer, Patriot, Accountant