Cool County Fair - July 6th

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Cool County Fair - July 6th

Hey Brewsters,

Beer the Band and I are having a party Saturday July 6th, going with a county fair theme. The party is free and open to everyone. I'm not planning on closing the brewhouse, please feel free to go about your brew business, but please park out front after 2pm.

I have a couple of kegs to serve, and new member Purvag brewed a batch of Wit with Josh from the band. We'll have cans of crushable lager. If anyone wants to donate beer, it would be awesome to have another keg or two, bottle sharing is nice too.

We would like to get a deep fryer going for corn dogs, cheese curds, and funnel cakes. If you have any experience setting up and running a fryer, we'd love to have your help.

We're not buying any fireworks, looking to keep things chill and focus on the music. We're not expecting a lot of people with so many other events going on, so we'll keep the setup minimal. Extra hands on deck are always helpful, give me a holler if you can help out.