January 2017 Membership Meeting Notes

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January 2017 Membership Meeting Notes

Hello! Here are the notes from our general membership meeting on Sunday. Take a look! We have a lot of fun events (and some work) planned for the next month.


CHAOS General Membership Meeting Minutes

January 8, 2017


  • Fundraiser for ACLU at Logan Arcade on Friday, January 13th at 7pm. CHAOS donated trial memberships for the raffle

  • Steven and Wes are going to work on the downstairs bathroom on Friday, January 13th. During this time, please use the upstairs bathroom at the top of the stairs.

  • January 14th work day at CHAOS. Come help with some light painting, shelf building, electrical work, etc!

  • Stout/Chili Night is  January 28th starting at 6pm. This is our biggest event of the year. Invite your friends, recruit new members and sign up to volunteer!

  • Stout/Chili Night “house” chili made by Jeff and Matt if you want to help the Friday night before SCN. 8 pple making contest chili so far (4gal) . Looking for a few more. You will be reimbursed up to $40. Contact Matt Omura if you're interested.  

  • Chiller being delivered this week. Up and running in the next week

  • Education:

    • Brew 101 class tentatively scheduled for Feb 12th to attract trial members from SCN. This will likely be an extract class.

    • Tuesday Brewsday on 2/7. Matt will send out survey for education topics. Want to schedule classes and workshops through the end of the year. If you want to teach something, talk to Matt. Suggestions provided at the meeting include:

      • Off flavors class

      • Water workshop

  • Brewhouse supervision requests: There will be instant supervision on Tuesday Brewsdays, Stylin’ Sundays, Brew 101, etc. If you need a supervisor for brewing, reserve a spot during these times.

  • New member feedback is that it's very challenging to coordinate 3 supervised brew dates. New brewers request supervision but hear nothing for days. Brock will check with Conrad about how to get those messages pushed to emails. CHAOS should make it easier or standardized on how to get this done. CHAOS should sponsor brewing kits for brew 101, or at a minimum do the shopping.

  • Group buy will open in a couple days. Close and deliver after stout night. Maybe add brew 101 extract to the group buy

  • Gino's competition closes February 3. Judging February 10 at CHAOS at 5pm, winner announced around 8pm. Sign up on the forum. Read the BJCP style guide and stick to that. Use label-less bottles.

  • NHC is in Minneapolis this year in June. There will be some sort of caravan and house air bnb arrangement. This will be our 4 time at NHC. We will do a full booth this year since we can drive our equipment. Mark will start a thread to solicit booth ideas.

  • Looking for old couch, seating, beer art, coffee tables, microwave, etc for the upstairs.

  • Stylin’ Sunday on the 2nd Sunday of the month 3pm-9pm by Steven Lane. Today’s style is a gruitt, hop-less beer style. Beers will go on the keezer.

  • Reed has a lot of dark Munich malt if you want some.

  • Next meeting will be Sunday, February 12th.

  • Super Bowl Sunday at CHAOS: informal party and bottle share.

  • The building access code is going to be changed soon. Stay tuned.