Large Lager Fridge Is Up & Running

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Brandon Kessler
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Large Lager Fridge Is Up & Running

The fridge repair guy removed and replaced the old compressor today. It's now up and running and eagerly awaiting your lagers.

A few things to remember about the refrigerators: Please mind the reservation system. (Go to BREWHOUSE > LAGER FRIDGE RESERVATIONS to access it) I realize things have been a bit distraught with 2 fridges going out one after another, but everything should be back on schedule soon.

Most of the lagers in the lager fermentation fridge behind the bar will be moving to the larger lagering fridge here soon (they're mostly all for Cerveza De Mayo). For those of you on the schedule to lager (mostly the Cerveza school), I moved the reservations down to start this Friday. Move them around how you'd like accordingly. 

Thanks for your patience. Again, be sure to use a reservation, even if you're cold crashing. And a friendly reminder that all foodstuffs belong in the fridge at the back of the brew house by the garage door.


Jim Vondracek
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Thanks for being at the

Thanks for being at the brewhouse to meet the repairperson, Brandon. Glad he got it up and running.

We need to address the issue of shelving in that fridge. We could try to repair the wire shelving and clips that fell or build another, sturdier, shelving unit in the fridge.