Membership Dues Increase - January 2023

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Membership Dues Increase - January 2023

Attention: All Brewers & Apprentices

In 2011 CHAOS Brew Club was founded with the goal of providing a dedicated brewhouse for members, a unique challenge that no other homebrew club has taken on. The club has seen great improvements in the last year acquiring new brewing equipment and installing two fully electric systems, and the success of our last Summer BrewBQ has proven CHAOS has become an important hub for regional home brewers.

By brewing together and learning from each other, we all have seriously upped our homebrew game. CHAOS members have gone on to start breweries and win national awards. Thousands of locals have sampled our home brews at events, and we love to hear people say CHAOS beers are better than what they are buying around town.

In the last decade we have established street credibility and CHAOS Brew Club is a vital part of Chicago’s craft beer scene.

From the start our mission has been to keep member dues as low as possible relying on volunteers to donate funds, services, and produce events to make up deficits in our budget. Our last dues increase was in January 2020. We have fallen behind on keeping up with annual rent increases, and the Covid Pandemic and recent Russian invasion of Ukraine have greatly impacted the global economy raising all our operational costs. 

In the last three years the cost of everything but your CHAOS membership has gone up, and we all need to increase our dues to keep the club brewing and thriving.

Starting in January 2023, dues will increase $5/month:

– Brewer:  $39/month or $429/year (save $39)

– Apprentice:  $25/month or $275/year (save $25)

For some of us this is not a big increase, but I assume some are wondering if they can afford spending more right now. 

Personally, CHAOS has not only made me a better brewer, it has kept my life active and fun. I’m turning 55 next year, and I’ve noticed a lot of my peers are in a personal funk lacking friends and activities. It’s made me realize how lucky I am to have found a community of people to share my love of beer and create lasting friendships — there is a ton of value in that.

I’m looking forward to another decade of CHAOS. I hope to see all of us continue to craft amazing beers and make many friends along the way.

This message is to give you a heads up on the need for the dues increase. We are working on a new website and membership payment system. More information will be provided soon about billing as we work out the website transfer issues, please reach out to us at if you have any questions.

Thanks for your continued support, hope to see everyone at Stout & Chili Night Sat Feb 4th — I turn 55 at Midnight, maybe you can help an old man clean up, cake is on me ;-)

Steven Lane
President & Board Member
CHAOS Brew Club