New Club Partner- Great Central

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New Club Partner- Great Central

Great Central is our newest club partner. Starting today, they are offering our members a 25% drink discount, which is incredibly generous. We will be having a Hoppy Hour there in June. Check the events calendar for the date.

They fully plan to utlize the partnership, by sending their staff to CHAOS for brewing education, such as off flavor classes, or anything esle we happen to be offereing or can arrange with them.

We have some other things in the works with them, including a Q&A witht their master brewer (who was trained in Germany and has seen some shit) and Great Central being a guest brewry at upcoming parties. They are also up for promoting any CHAOS events that we have planned, such as parties and other fundraisers.

That's it for now. We'll keep everyone updated as we can confirm more activities with the brewery.