Pandemic Policy Update – Fall & Winter 2020-21

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Pandemic Policy Update – Fall & Winter 2020-21

The coronavirus pandemic is surging as we head into Winter 2021, and we have updated our policy documentation:
— Policy & Procedures:  CHAOS-Pandemic-Policies-Procedures-V3.pdf
— New Brewer Checklist:  CHAOS-Pandemic-Guidelines-Checklist-V3.pdf

No Meetings or Gatherings at Brewhouse
We will not be hosting meetings and gatherings at the club brewhouse. Monthly meetings will be held on Zoom the second Tuesday of each month. We are looking to do virtual hangouts for the Holiday Party and Stout & Chili Night.


One Station Available: Tuesday – Thursday
You can have three co-brewers.

Two Stations Available:  Friday – Monday
You can have 1-2 co-brewers, depending on if the other brewer is alone.

No hangouts, just bring guests to help you brew. 
Check in with the other brewers and get permission before bringing someone with you to brew.We realize people are teaming up to brew together, just make sure you are in contact with other members on the schedule and get consent before coming in.  

A mask MUST be worn when in the BH with multiple brewers!
Do not show up for a brew session without a mask, and remain masked while others are in the brewhouse. If you are going to temporarily remove your mask to drink, get far away from others. You do not need a mask if you are alone. 

Keep the space ventilated and disinfect surfaces!
When multiple brewers are on site, keep doors open as much as possible to ventilate the brewhouse. We have a fan that can help circulate air. Bleach solution is available in spray bottles to disinfect surfaces you come in contact with.

If you have any questions about this plan, comment here or reach out to Steven ( or Reed (