Storage, Labeling Items and Lager Fridge Reservations

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Storage, Labeling Items and Lager Fridge Reservations

With a brewhouse deep clean day coming up next Thursday, I wanted to post some reminders.

First, Matt has created a sign up sheet, so please sign up something, even if you can only come by for a little while.

Part of next week's deep cleaning evening will include taking inventory of carboy storage, the ferm room, and our lagering/fermentation fridges. So, I wanted to remind everyone that their carboys, kegs, etc must be labelled with at least their name, phone number, and if fermenting something, the brew date.

During next Thursday's cleaning, we will be disposing of anything without this info.

The upstairs storage room will also be cleaned next week. Anything not in a storage spot will be relocated to the dumpster or repurposed for club use; including that random container of pilsner on the floor.

While we are inventorying the lager fridges, we will be checking for reservations. If you have something in one of the fridges, please be sure to reserve it on the spreadsheet that can be accessed from the Brewhouse drop down menu.

Thanks in advance for helping out with these small acts of organization!


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I am running long on my

I am running long on my lagering fridge reservation and will keg that up ASAP. 

BUT, I will say that currently, only Jeff has reservations for the fridge. So anyone else with beers occupying the fridge (including myself) may be subject to a purge if not addressed soon.