Stout & Chili Night 2021

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Stout & Chili Night 2021

Hey Brewsters, our 10th annual Stout & Chili Night will be Sat Jan 30th, 6:30–10:00pm.

The plan is to have an online tasting event where guests pickup to-go boxes with 6 stouts and 4 chilis. I think we can plan on around 30 people participating, but it would be cool if we could allow for 40–50 guests. We will need to figure out what our max capacity is based on our beer and chili supply.

With the idea of having extra beer available if we get over 30 guests, it would be awesome if you would consider donating a Stout, Dark Ale, or a Winter Seasonal. We are also looking for chili donations and volunteers.

Here's the volunteer sign-up spreadsheet: