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There's a great BJCP competition around the corner - Brixtoberfest! Put on by the Brixie's Brewers, this is a small(ish) competition that still rewards its BOS winner the opportunity to ramp-up their award-winning beer at the pro-scale with Imperial Oak Brewing. 

When: Saturday, October 7th, 2017

Where: Brixie's Beer Bar and Grill, 9526 West Ogden Ave, Brookfield, IL

Beer?: If you would like to enter this competition, I will gladly mule your beers from the CHAOS brewhouse to Brixies myself, saving you time, hassle, and maybe even shipping fees if you roll like that. Cut off for this is September 28th (beers need to be at Brixies by September 29th). 

Also, as always, quality stewarding and/or judging is always in demand. Those who took the June BJCP exam with Jeff and me should be getting their scores/rank any day/week now, so if you want to break in that shiny new BJCP badge, come on out! (you can still judge without having taken the exam, too!) 

There is a BNSF Metra stop right behind Brixie's, but unforunately it doesn't stop there on the weekends. BUT, if you want to come on out and want to take the train,  take the train to Brookfield or LaGrange Road and I'll come and pick you up. I *might* have to help my MIL move that weekend, but I'm trying to convince her Sunday is better (either way, I'll still give you a ride because I'm a nice guy). 

If you need to wait around after the competition for the train, you're welcome to hang at my house (I live in Brookfield) and drink whatever swill in on tap, too.



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I've registered to judge,

I've registered to judge, plus have a couple beers entered. This would be a cool competition for CHAOS to have a lot of entries in and see if we can take some medals.  Also, if anyone wants to register as a judge or steward and wants a ride, let me know.