CHAOS Comes to Beermiscuous

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CHAOS Comes to Beermiscuous

Our friends at Beermiscuous are being amazing and have invited us to pour CHAOS beer and promote the club at their bar on Monday, May 22nd from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. We'll be serving a Tuesday Brewsday Tripel and Stylin Sundays White IPA.

This is obviously an amazing opportunity to promote the club and bring in new members. If you can stop by, please do so! We get a 10% discount! And wear your CHAOS workshirt!

We do need assistance bring kegs, gas, etc to and from Beermiscuous. If you're able to help out in that department, please reach out to Brandon, as he's taking point on the event.

On a side note, this will make three Chicago Craft Beer Week events for the club; the other two being Cerveza and the Celebrating Women in Craft Beer event at the club. It's going to be a busy week for us, but worth. Promotion=new members= more cool-ass brewing equipment!