CHAOS Homebrew Invitational Throwdown 2021

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CHAOS Homebrew Invitational Throwdown 2021

The Omega Yeast research and development team has been busy over the past year coming up with new strains to keep homebrewers happy. We will be featuring one of their latest creations: Sundew Ale (OYL-400)

Sundew Ale (OYL-401)

Sundew has luscious strawberry, passion fruit and stone fruit esters, which combine to support desirable notes in modern fruity hops. Sundew sets a great foundation for hoppy styles like juicy pale ales, west coast IPAs or hazy IPAs, or its jammy profile can be paired with more malt forward stouts, milds and brown ales. Think versatile like West Coast Ale I (OYL-004), but jammier.

Additional information can be found here: Omega Yeast

Our very own Jim V wrote an article on their new yeasts.  

This will not be a BJCP judge event. We will have a panel of local Pro Brewers decide on the best beer showcasing the yeast. 

Additional Rules:
1 entry per club

2 12 oz bottles or cans need to be submitted

There are no style restrictions 

Beer must be brewed with Sundew Ale, NO additional yeast types

Which beer club will reign supreme! Winning club holds the 1st Place Trophy until a rematch next year.

Important Dates:

·         Online Entry Deadline -July 2nd

·         Yeast pick up: CHAOS Brew Club 6/19, 6/26, 7/3; Southwest Suburban Pick up Pending

·         Entry Bottles due by Sunday August 15th at CHAOS

o 2 - 12 oz bottles

o CHAOS will be the main drop off; Pending coordination for Southwest Suburban Drop off

·         Judging Date – Week of 8/16

·         Medal Winning Beers (1st, 2nd and 3rd Place) will be announced at the CHAOS Brew BBQ on August 28,2021

Online Registration:  Link

Questions, suggestions or concerns? or