CHAOS & Lo-Rez Competition: Tropical Stout

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CHAOS & Lo-Rez Competition: Tropical Stout

Just in time for winter, CHAOS is holding its Sixth Club-Only Competition featuring the big, dark and sweet Tropical Stout!  Sponsored by Lo-Rez Brewing, the gold-medal winning brewer will have the opportunity to brew their beer at Lo-Rez and have it served at their taproom.  

Important Dates:

  • Calibration Tasting - Thursday September 27, 6 pm Lo-Rez Brewing
  • Online Entry Deadline - Thursday November 1st
  • Entry Bottles due by Tuesday November 27 at the CHAOS Brewhouse
  • Competition Date - Friday November 30, awards announcement at 8 pm
  • Medal Winning Beers featured at Stout & Chili Night Saturday January 26, 2019

All the rules, entry and style info, and online registration can be found here.  

Because the Tropical Stout style isn't widely available commercially, Lo-Rez is hosting a calibration tasting on Thursday 9/27.  We'll explore the style, taste a couple of commercial examples as well as some comparable styles, such as the Foreign Extra Stout.  There will be some food, details TBD.  

Questions, suggestions or concerns?  Competition Coordinators are Patty McGuire and Jim Vondracek.