Light Vs. Dark Side Beer Fest

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Light Vs. Dark Side Beer Fest

Empirical is planning to hold another homebrew club fest at their tap room in November and have asked us to join them. Here are the details they sent:

WHEN: November 17th, 1-5pm

WHERE: Empirical Brewery

WHO: The 9 clubs we had at Thunderdome, two more clubs if possible and an independent group

WHAT: Beer Fest and Best of Show competition / Star Wars Party / Costume Contest

Clubs are allowed to bring as many light and dark beers as you want, but please bring an even number of light and dark beers. This makes the competition more fun.

The tickets will be available for sale October 1st but the Eventbrite and Facebook pages are up and running. 


This sounds like a fun fest to pour at!! Anyone interested in taking the lead in organizing our booth for the event? Preferably someone who isn't currently organizing upcoming fest appreances. New members: This is a great way to get more involved with the club and meet other members.