Nitro Tap for Stout Night?

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Nitro Tap for Stout Night?

Hey Brewsters,

Josh from Beer the Band (our spacemates upstairs) would like to brew a Left Hand clone and put it on a nitro tap for Stout & Chili Night on Sat Jan 25th.

Here's the article that got him interested:

As a club we're not taking on anymore equipment purchases as funds are low right now, but Josh is willing to spend some money, and we might be able to gather used donated parts. Kevin, also in the band, just donated a kegerator tap, gas tank, and regulator.

I'm thinking if we're going to create a nitro tap it might as well serve two or three beers. Anyhow, if you have any experience with nitro, parts to donate, or just want to help out, holler here.