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Amazon Smiles - Money For CHAOS NFP

AMAZON SMILES is a way that your regular spending on Amazon.com raises money for a NFP organization.  Without raising your prices on any products, Amazon will donate a portion of your spending to a nonprofit of your choice.  Follow the steps below and you can help raise money for CHAOS through your regular online shopping! 

It also states you must start shopping from Amazon Smile each time to get "credit". First time using this so I don't know a lot about it. Anyone else used it yet or know how it works?  Where does this money go?  Who and where is this check sent?

Check is sent straight to CHAOS, to use it just start shopping from smile.amazon.com 

I'm doing my part!  Crushing it...


@stewpid, it works pretty slick, when you start at smile.amazon.com,.as @MarkWalters said, it remembers your Amazon prime membership etc, looks just like whatever you normally see on Amazon.  This is one of the ways my roommate and I support the Anti-Cruelty Society.  

Generally, these kind of programs work best for larger NFPs, just because it takes a lot of purchasing to generate much of a donation.  But, every bit helps.  

I use a chrome extension called "Smile Always" that will always redirect your Amazon URLs to ensure you're using Smile. Free extension just takes 2 seconds to download.

Also I will say its kind of a joke though, in like 10 years using it 100% on every purchase I've donated like $40 to the leukemia and lymphoma foundation lol. And I've spent real money on Amazon, bought like TVs and stuff.

Marc, I've been using it for about a year now and, with my wife, we've generated a grand total of $9.47 as of this morning LOL.  But, for bigger NGOs, like the the Lymphoma Foundation or the Humane Society, it adds up to a significant gift when you have lots of members doing it.  

I suppose that for smaller non-profits like us, modest gifts have a disproportionate impact.  In any case, its free money.  

I saw that you can activate in the app as well.  You click the little 3 line "hamburger" icon in the corner > settings > AmazonSmile and turn it on. 

We got an Amazon smile e-check in February for $18.97.  No detail which amazon accounts it came from, but still, not bad. If we can get more people doing this, I'm sure we could make this bigger.