Brew & Grow, Call ahead curbside pickup.

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Brew & Grow, Call ahead curbside pickup.

Brew and Grow has reopened for curbside service. The process is simple:


-Send an email to listing your recipes, if you want milling, and any other items you need. Be sure to include your phone number.


-We will call you when your order is next in line, to confirm your recipe, let you know what we are out of, and take your payment over the phone. We will also discuss when you can pick up your order.


-Pull into the parking lot in back and give us a call when you are here.



Pretty simple. Now that we are caught up, most orders can be filled within an hour or two.




FYI, Omega is closed for the time being so be prepared to choose a substitute for most of their products.


Thanks guys, 

Cheers - B&G