Brixtoberfest Need Stewards

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Brixtoberfest Need Stewards

The organizaters for Saturday's Brixtoberfest just put out a call for more stewards.  They'd like five more.  Its a good competition, good experience.  Please contact Dave Fetty directly at [email protected]  




Brixtoberfest Volunteers,


If you know of anyone that has interest in stewarding at our competition, please respond to this email with their name and bring them with you tomorrow. 


Both our am and pm judge sessions have 10 judging tables at each session.  Currently we have 5 stewards.  As things stand right now, each steward will cover 2 judging tables.  This is doable, but having one steward for each judging table is a more desirable arrangement.


We'd like all judges and stewards to check in between 8:00 and 8:30 am. 




Dave Fetty

Judge coordinator


Mark Staelgraeve

Competition organizer

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Plus, free pizza for lunch!!

Plus, free pizza for lunch!!