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garage door

I stopped by today to check on a beer and had a stupid  issue leaving. The garage door would not shut (up and down you know.)  It seemed to me someone threw some wood in that entry corner and the door sensor was knocked off its proper mark. It took 20 minutes to realign and it's tenuous for sure. 

Can we disengage this sensor feature? The sensor has been responsible for a number of nights the door being left open (people hit the button, the door starts going down and they leave only to have the door sensor engage and go back up again.) The feature is there to prevent the door from coming down on car hoods or infants – it serves no purpose for us and is a pain in the ass. 

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I had the same issue last

I had the same issue last week. Was a big pain in the ass. 

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So I work at the company that

So I work at the company that makes the door openers. It's a UL regulation that the operator needs to see the sensor open and close the door. To get around the sensors, however, you can disconnect the sensors from the wall, tape them together such that they always see each other, and move them out of the way. That's if we're confident that not having the sensors won't be a hazard. 

There are also sensors that are flexible. If they're knocked around they spring back into place. They are  mostly for commercial applications but I think you can hook them up to garages too.

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Good insight, Megan.  For

Good insight, Megan.  For what its worth, I had the same issue one afternoon last week.  A piece of the door frame had come loose and I pushed it out of the sensor's way.